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Darwin in a Whirlwind

Darwin to Bali, Indonesia

sunny 100 °F
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We decided not to bore you with blog entries detailing car cleaning and laundry in Darwin, so we write to you now from the Darwin International Airport moments away from boarding our plane to BALI!!! We loved Darwin - a small traveler's city with beautiful sunsets, bountiful pubs and some great food in between. Because we were so rushed to get our travel chores complete before Indo, we admit we did not see the city to its fullest and have decided to stay another night on the back end of our Bali trip. So for Darwin...to be continued...

It was like Christmas morning today - with Lukin waking early in anticipation of not stockings or red wrapped presents, but surfing in Indonesia. We are very excited for some beach, sun and wave time. We will do our best to update the blog while away, but we do not know what internet connectivity we will have as of yet. We send all of our well wishes to Curt (Lukin's dad) in his knee surgery recovery and are thinking every day of Jonathan & Sabrina (brother and sister in law) and Baby Martha arriving any moment!!!! Auntie Katie & Uncle Lukin can't wait to meet you.

  • **BAR UPDATE*** To our dear friends Ian and Edel, as promised, we made it to Fannie Bay!

See you in the Green Room!


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It's a Bug's Life

Kakadu National Park to Litchfield National Park, NT

sunny 101 °F
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Perhaps we have neglected to mention in past blog entries our recent change from night owls to morning birds. Around 7:30 pm in the Northern Territory, there is a change from the daily annoying flies to the pesky, biting mosquitos (classically shortened to "mossies" here in Australia) and other "no-see-ums" (tiny bugs that fly into your face, arms, legs and up your nose that you can feel but you can't quite see). Because of this nightly ritual, we (namely Katie) retire quite early to the tent to read ourselves to sleep. 8 - 9 hours later we wake - refreshed and ready for the day at 5:30 AM! We often wake to a symphony of birds above us - which in night owl mode could be annoying, but in early bird mode it is a most excellent wake-up call.

We waterfall-hopped our way through Litchfield National Park (90 km south of Darwin) swimming at each Croc free zone as it is a hot one here. Had a "world famous" slice of mango cheesecake (YUM) at the local cafe and we are now on our way to Darwin for a 2 night stay before we fly out to Indonesia on Friday.

  • **FACT CHECK*** More than 1/3 of all Australian bird species live in the Northern Territory National Parks, as do 60 mammal species, 117 reptile species, 1,700 plant species, and at least 10,000 insect species. It truly is a bug's life here!


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What a CROC!

Jim Jim Falls and South Alligator River, Kakadu National Park, NT

sunny 105 °F
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"People need to come here and relax, sit on the country, feel the spirits of this country, and go home and feel the same way." - Natasha Nadji, Bunidj Clan speaking of Kakadu National Park

We began the day by heading offroad 50 km to the famous Jim Jim Falls - one of Kakadu National Park's well known treasures. We hiked a short walk from the car park along boulders to reach the beautiful falls. Although dry, the plunge pull was crystal clear and perfect for a swim.

We then spent the evening on a sunset Yellow Water Wetland Cruise through Kakadu's South Alligator River and assorted billabongs. WOW! Within a few minutes of the cruise, we pulled up to a large croc with its mouth wide open. Along with about 20 plus crocs, including a croc munching on his Barramundi dinner, we also saw lotus lily gardens, wild pigs & horses, buffalo, and many bright colored birds (Magpie geese, Kookaburras, Jabirus, White Bellied Eagles, Ibis, Egrets, King Fishers, Pelicans and Jakartas aka Jesus birds because they literally walk on water). The cruise ended as the sun set over the wetlands...pretty spectacular to say the least. Hope you enjoy the video we put together of the crocs...

  • **Croc Facts*** (Dedicated to our cousins and G'gong kids who would love to know about this!). Crocodiles are the world's largest reptile, also one of the most ancient having existed unchanged for nearly 200 million years. Freshwater Crocs are only found in Australia and grow to 3.5-4 meters and 50 years old while Saltwater Crocs (Salties or Gingas) grow up 6 meters and more than 70 years old. Large crocs can stay underwater for up to an hour, lowering their heart beat to 2-3 beats per minute. Their tail is solid muscle and their jaws are also extremely powerful, as you can see in our Youtube Croc video!

As we send this, we make for another detour - Litchfield National Park next stop.


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To the Top of the Falls

Daly Water to Katherine & Edith Falls

sunny 103 °F
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Broke camp early at Daly Waters and made it to Katherine for a quick lunch and photo opp. It's not often (unless your name is George or Elizabeth) that you find places in Australia with your namesake! Tried to find Katie's Bistro but failed...turns out they changed the name to Savanna (not cool). Camped at Edith Falls for the night and witnessed a spectacular and much needed thunder & lightening storm. Woke up to blue skies and hot sun for a hike on Leliyn Trail and a refreshing swim at Edith Falls. The waterfall was a nice scene for our peanut butter and honey tortilla wrap lunch! And don't worry gang (namely Sharon and Lucy) - we are swimming in designated CROC FREE swim zones.

On to Kakadu National Park - home of more breath taking waterfalls, hikes and fresh/saltwater CROCS!

  • **ANIMAL UPDATE***Croc sightings = 0 ... But we're headed on a sunset Wetland cruise tonight through Yellow River so more to come on that front...


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Onward and Upward

King's Canyon to Daly Waters, NT

semi-overcast 100 °F
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We traveled a massive 1,100 km from the MacDonnell Ranges to Daly Waters, where we settled in for some well deserved fish and chips and nice cold Coopers Pale Ale at the historic Daly Waters Pub (thanks Rhonda for the suggestion!). Along the way, we stopped for a quick break to climb around the Devil's Marbles, huge domes created 1.7 billion years ago. Pretty impressive! We're headed to Katherine Gorge National Park for the next day or so to explore some waterfalls - and judging by the size of our hair today, we have definitely reached the humid north of the Northern Territory. This also means we'll be watching out for the Crocs!
Lukin_-_Stop_Creeping.jpgKT_Devil_s_Marbles_NT.jpg Daly_Waters_Pub_NT.jpgDSC_0121.jpg

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