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Bye Bye Bintangs...Hello Roadtrains

Bali Indonesia to Darwin, Northern Territory

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We are a month into our trip now and every day has been an adventure. We acknowledge that we are living the life - and there are moments when we look at each other and know that we will remember these times, places and people forever. These are not brag entries, but simply blog entries that we really hope you've enjoyed reading. The truth is you are all here with us, and every day in some way we are reminded of you, whether it be a song playing on the radio, a walk on the beach, or a ride on a perfect wave. Mostly, this blog will serve to remind us of this once-in-a-lifetime trip in years to come.

It is Tuesday the 23rd of October - we have spent the last 2 days lounging (as if we needed more relaxation?!?) in Darwin, a city we have come to associate with laundry, good food and plenty of sunshine. We cashed in on an unexpected good karma card and found a gem of a hotel right on the newly built Darwin Waterfront that just happened to be military friendly AND allowed us to check in at 5 am free of charge. Tanned and free of any worries, we spent the mornings catching up on sleep and errands, and the afternoons reading on the grass at the water's edge. On Sunday, we happened to meet up with our good friends from Gerringong - Pete Talbot, Trent Bancroft and John Flynn - who are currently flying off of HMAS Darwin and had 3 hours liberty. Pete just happened to be lunching at our hotel...what are the odds!! It was so nice and quite surreal to see some familiar faces so far from home.

We have now ditched Lil P, our environmentally friendly, $5/day Indonesian motorbike, and are now back on the road again in our fuel guzzling, cozy home-away-from-home Big T - the Tundra. We have 3 days of heavy driving (south, then east, then north) across the Northern Territory and into Port Douglas in northern Queensland, where we will be staying for about a week. Luckily, we bought some $1 CDs in Indo to freshen up our music selection - first up Best of Michael Jackson (thinking of you Jonathan and your old red leather jacket and white glove!).

P.s. Thought the King boys would like the Lego shot :)

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Umbrella Drinks

Uluwatu, Indonesia

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We were in a bit of a rush to view sunset and drink tropical drinks last night in Uluwatu- so we thought we'd come back and post a few photos of our time in Indo with Bower. Enjoy!

p.s. These are best viewed while listening to Chris Rene's new jam "Young Homie" - we have been singing and dancing around a bunch to it with Bowwow! Big shout out to J Merch who goes to bed every night listening to this song...YOUNG HOMIE SONG You will also love this Poppy Bridgestock :)

Bingin_Beach_Indo.jpgMike_w__monkey_.jpg Lukin_gargoyle.jpg KT_Rice_Fields.jpgMike_sunset.jpgsunset_uluwatu.jpgTropical_Drinks.jpgMike___Lukin_Surf.jpgKT_Lukin_swimming.jpgg]

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3 Bintangs in Bali

Bali, Indonesia

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We have been having a blast in Bali with our good friend Mike Bower. Lukin has continued surfing and braved the big break Uluwatu as Mike and I watched from Single Fin, a bar at the top of the cliff overlooking the break. We've had great ocean swims and runs around the area, and went to Ubud yesterday for a bit of culture, food, markets and rice paddies. Bower THOUGHT with all his MIT expertise that he was the best bargainer when he purchased a wallet at a 80% discount - however he just figured out that none of his credit cards fit in the slots. We also visited the monkey forrest in Ubud. We were told quite specifically by our tour guide to NOT buy bananas at the beginning of the tour because the monkeys will jump on our heads. Bower bought them anyway and monkeys were jumping all over him and tried to get into his pockets, nearly pulling his shorts down. It was quite a funny scene.

Today we ventured to the other side of the penninsula to see a different beach - it took a lot longer than expected on our scooters (both pink) but it's all about the journey...never stop exploring! We leave tomorrow - Bower back to America and the Lains back to Darwin - we intend on nursing our sore bum bums with many Bintangs tonight in Uluwatu.

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Monkeyin' Around Indo

Lombok, Indonesia

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We have spent the last 5 days in Lombok, Indonesia at a small resort/hotel on the southeast coast of the island called Heaven on the Planet. We arrived late afternoon on the first day and were fortunate enough to see much of the island on the 2 hour drive to Heaven (pun intended). Unlike tourist driven Bali where most locals speak English and stores are westernized, the island of Lombok is much quieter and preserved, full of lush fields, wild flowers, monkeys, geckos and beautiful, desolate beaches along cliff sides.

The hotel had great food, and an even better atmosphere where everyone met each night for drinks and food. We spent the days wondering the beaches, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, snorkeling and shelling. The hotel had a rickety but colorful boat ready and waiting (most days) to take surfers out to 2 different surf breaks. Lukin was managing double sessions most days and was in heaven at Heaven. Katie even ventured out one day and caught a few waves herself (!!!) ... and didn't die :). After exchanging goodbyes and email addresses, we left our new friends (from the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Austria, Indonesia and the US) and have just landed back in Bali.

We are sitting in a Starbucks waiting a few hours for our good friend Mike Bower to arrive from the States...much fun to come.

  • **Animal Update*** So many monkeys here, we had to keep our bedroom door closed at all times or else they would quite literally come into our room and jump on our bed!


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Buddha Soul

Bingin, Bali (Indonesia)

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We made it to Indonesia on a quick 3 hour flight from Darwin and were driven another hour from Denpasar to the southern peninsula of Bali called Bukit, where we nestled into our bungalow in a little 2 unit, cliff side villa called Jabeki. It is so quiet and peaceful here - the villa is run by an Indonesian couple, Ketat and Made, who are so kind and lovely (and make the best banana pancakes you have ever tasted - trying my best to bring the recipe back!!). Surfing, relaxing, reading, and eating/drinking Bintang Beers takes up most of our days thus far... and in between it all some scooter rides up and down the peninsula.

Scooters are the choice mode of transportation among the locals, and our scooter took a bit getting used to, but Lukin has mastered it now. It is purple and not as suave as most scooters around here, but we have named it "Lil' P" nonetheless. We are unable to determine whether the honks we get on the street are friendly gestures or people poking fun, regardless, we are mostly concerned about getting up the hill since it appears we are the slowest scooter around (think Dumb & Dumber chugging along with a line of cars behind us).

Tomorrow we're headed over to Lombok to a small villa on the far eastern side of the island for five nights. The resort is called Heaven on the Planet - so we are pretty sure we are in for quite a treat.

  • **SURF UPDATE*** Barrel Count = 1 with more to come!! The swell has dropped off today but is expected to pick back up by tomorrow or early Wednesday... fingers crossed.
  • **ANIMAL UPDATE*** The insect count has dropped to almost zero (amazing!) because of the bats and geckos that roam the island. We have 2 geckos living in our bungalow - we have named them Burt and Ernie.

Jabeki_Pool_area_Indo_.jpgJabeki_Flo..utiful_Indo.jpgLukin_wave_searching_Indo.jpgUluwatu.jpgGecko_Indo.jpg KT_on_Scooter_Bali_.jpgLukin_on_Scooter__Bali_.jpg

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